Do you fufu?

Fufu, a traditional West African food, is a yummy dough-ball that you can eat as one big dumpling or multiple dumplings with stews of various sorts – peanut or goat stews being traditional. There’s more detail and history in the wikipedia entry. I’ve only run into fufu as naturally gluten-free though I’d bet it’s made with wheat flours sometimes in horrible desperation. My favorite is half plantain flour and half yam flour. This is real yam flour not sweet potato flour, though that should work similarly but with a stronger flavor. I live in the middle of nowhere, USA and I can get yam flour at Asian or International grocery stores regularly so I bet you can find it too. It can also be made from fresh plantains and yams but those are harder for me to locate.

This is so easy to make –  though if you’re like me, your kitchen will still be a wreck after making it.

Plantain and Yam Fufu

  • 1/2 cup plantain flour
  • 1/2 cup yam flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 cups water, plus
  • 1 to 2 Tb butter, margarine or coconut oil

In a small to medium size saucepan, bring your water to boil. Have another quarter to half cup of hot water available to add in if needed.

Add both flours, 1 TB butter and salt to boiling water and then start stirring, keeping the pot over low heat. Keep stirring until the flours come together into a smooth dough. Taste. Add a little more butter or hot water to achieve your desired consistency. Just taste it, check the texture, you’ll know what you like. Remove from the heat and plop it into a bowl and pour your stew over it. Or form into balls or gnocchi-like dumplings and serve those in your stew – your choice. I favor the little dumplings.

These are also tasty tossed with butter and cinnamon sugar.  I’m fairly sure you could substitute potato flakes or tapioca for the yam flour – the plantain flavor will be a bit stronger but I’m told this is the Cuban way. You can use all plantain flour too.

These are delicious with Crockpot 365’s Pomegranate Beef which is actually Gluten-Free Goddess’ Pomegranate Beef.

p.s. I’m pretty sensitive to starchy carbs and I don’t find this dish to be too much of a rollercoaster ride for me but no guarantees for paleo/scd eaters since this is illegal. And, no, this isn’t local eating either. But when civilization collapses I do think I could make dumplings like this out of potatoes and sweet potatoes, or corn and potato or old shoes and feathers, or whatever… pounding away with a big mortar and pestle, all day, pounding…pounding…

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